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Enclosed car carriers services in Russia, CIS and Europe

enclosed auto transport russia enclosed car carrier
enclosed car carrier Auriga deluxe in Russia

Premium, brand new enclosed car transporters from ATEK Trans!

Enclosed car carriers from ATEK Trans provide expert auto transport of exotic, classic, race and antique cars all over Russian Federation, CIS and Europe.

enclosed trailer auriga

enclosed car transporterNo matter what your vehicle is, with ATEK Trans’s modern park of specialized car carriers, we have a service to suit all your vehicle transport and shipping requirements anywhere in Russia, CIS and Europe. So no matter which service option you choose, ATEK Trans do the transportation for you and know that your car is in good hands at all points of its journey. All ATEK Trans’s enclosed auto transporters were individually developed and constructed with versatility in mind listening to the operators, able to safely transport any special vehicle, from a collector to a racecar with minimal handling and maximum safety.

ATEK Trans’s unique enclosed semitrailers ready to travel with 6 cars loaded
within legal height and length throughout Europe!

enclosed auto transporter

- An easy adaptation of the loading while maximization of the load factor is allowed by the split top deck configuration. The two axles with twin wheels ensure increased payload (GVW 27 tons) and more loading volume of the second car loaded on bottom deck.
- The van is made of fiberglass-plywood, fully enclosed and watertight. The lifting roof is made of fiberglass sandwich with steel reinforcement and is hydraulically powered.
- The rear tail gate with flips grants a smooth loading angle and easy operations.
The rails incorporated into the tail gate smoothly guide the car body-shell trolleys
over the decking. covered car transporter
- Load your low spoiler car in every position thanks to the completely flat decks with to the gentle and smooth approach angles!
HANDLING: The liftable roof ensures more room and comfortable operations to the driver while loading/unloading. All movements are equipped with automatic locking hydraulic cylinders, supplied with special wheel chocks.
SAFETY: With the hard-sided, ATEK Trans’s enclosed premium transporter, your vehicle is completely protected from every hazard on the road, from dirt and dust to rocks and weather.

Scheme of loading 6 business class car.

enclosed car transporter loading pattern


Scheme of loading 4 Rolls Royce.

enclosed car carrier loading pattern


More photos available in the Photo Gallery.

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